Saturday, November 26, 2016

Mobile Banking

Mobile financing service are very popular in Bangladesh. All kinds of customers gradually involve in this financial service .Because they get essential services in mobile banking .It is basically made up for unbanked people but this service have taken place in all kinds of people. There is no hazard in this service and it is 24 hours service any time anywhere. Mobile banking started in Bangladesh by the two Banks: Dutch-Bangla Bank  mobile banking ( Rocket) and Brac Bank lead bcash. Later some others banks being involved in mobile financing by different names like -Sure-cash, mcash, Easy Cash etc. Actually Mobile money transfer first started in Bangladesh by Post office in 2010. Very fast it was gained popularity of the people and Post Office regained its essentially to the people by the dents of mobile money transfer. People received this service spontaneously and Post Offices was being crowded by the massive customer again. As Bangladesh is a developing and over populated country, so its people need to fastest money transfer service for their economy. There was no available online Banking service before mobile fund transfer. People have to depended on TT,Courier service, money order,hand to hand service, brokers etc. So in this situation introducing fund transfer by mobile being popularity very fast. It could meet the necessity of the people unprecedentedly. After starting of Mobile base Banking service or Mobile Banking decreased the essentially of the Post office base fund transfer.This kind of banking or fund transfer service taken place in the mind of mass people very fast. Mobile money transfer is now a common service to the people and popular service as well. Mobile banking directed by the agents. Agents ( Shops)service are now in available all over the country. Mobile financial service are described below:
* Send money (p2p)
* Top up ( mobile recharge )
* Cash in
*Cash out
* Bill pay
* Merchant pay
*Balance inquire
 * Remittance
* ATM withdrawn
* Bill pay ( utility bill, admission fee,tuition fee etc.
 * Collection ( company's daily sells collection )
 * Salary disbursement.

 মোবাইল ব‌্যাংকিংয়ে লেনদেন সীমা কমল
মোবাইল ব্যাংকিংয়ের খরচ কমাতে চেষ্টা হচ্ছে

 Using the introduction associated with technologies as well as growing utilization of smart phone as well as pill dependent products, using Cellular Financial performance might allow client link throughout whole client existence period a lot adequately compared to prior to. With this particular situation, present cellular financial goals associated with state creating associations, decreasing price, attaining brand new income flow may change make it possible for brand new goals focusing on higher-level objectives for example creating make of the actual financial business. Rising technologies as well as benefits might allow to produce brand new methods for prospecting, recruiting in addition to building heavy client romantic relationship as well as cellular financial globe might accomplish exceptional client encounter along with bi-directional marketing communications. Amongst electronic stations, cellular financial is really a obvious this expense . To understand why financial inclusion is important? For this we need to go beyond of this service. Earlier people working in different city or place especially in Dhaka city they sent their earning to their family by broker or another difficult ways.That was very expensive, timely and sometimes uncertainty. But mobile money have change the acute scenario of the people. The system of mobile financial services has transformed life of micro workers of Bangladesh. People are deposited their earning in own mobile account, they send money independently,they can saving money for their future need. It is a tremendous Banking.

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